Dividend Update – TD, DE, VZ, CVS

Hello readers, how’s your weekend? we have another very hot weekend here in Tokyo, Japan. While I am suffering from this very hot and humid summer, I received the following gross dividends.

July 31

  • $47.79 – Toronto Dominion Bank (TD)

As I was noticed this new dividend later than July 31, I need to change my gross dividend income for July. It was $961.16, which is an increase of $170.94(21.6%) YOY.

August 1

  • $19.2   –  Deere (DE)
  • $53.13 – Verizon (VZ), this position is at my Japanese brokerage account

August 3

  • $10     – CVS Health (CVS)

Disclosure: Long TD, DE, VZ, CVS




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