Dividend Update – T, GIS, VZ, CSCO

Hello readers, how’s your Wednesday?

On August 1st, the first day of this month, I received the following gross dividends.

  • $411.60 – AT&T (T)
  • $  49.00 – General Mills (GIS)
  • $  28.88 – Verizon (VZ)

With these my gross dividend income for August has amounted to $489.48.

I am still waiting for some other July dividends to be posted at my Japanese brokerage account. One of them has just arrived.

July 26

  • $58.00 – Cisco Systems (CSCO)

with this my gross dividend income for July has amounted to $867.37, which is an increase of $77.15 YOY.

Disclosure: Long T,GIS,VZ,CSCO




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