Recent Buy – GPC

Hello readers, this is the second post today.

Recently I revisited the all portfolio companies in my portfolio and GPC came to my notice as it represented only 0.4% of my portfolio as value.

GPC is  one of the Dividend King and it has raised its dividend in the 61th year in a row. I checked out its latest yield which was 3.1%. Why not?

On July 10th I added 20 shares of GPC at the average cost per share $85.5 plus $1 trading commission. As a result,

  • # of shares                20 -> 40
  • YOC                           3.2% (no change)
  • Average cost per share  $83.45 -> $84.5
  • Annual gross dividends    $54      -> $108

I calculated GPC’s 9 year DAGR and it was 6.3%, not spectacular, but not bad at all.

Dividends & Shareholder Return

Disclosure : Long GPC



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