Dividend Update – WSM, CLDT

Hello readers, how’s your Memorial day weekend?

There is a sad news. I was supposed to be as happy as you are because of an upcoming trip to the US, but I was forced to cancel my trip to the US because I was ripped off by a SCAM site when I applied an online visa to this scam US ESTA site based in Spain according to my credit company. As my critical personal information was stolen by this scam site, I had no choice but cancel my credit card and passport to avoid potential fraud using my personal information.  Although it is all my fault, I cannot help, but feel how unfortunate I am.

Anyway, on May 26th I received the following gross dividends.

Williams Sonoma

  • $25.74 – Williams-Sonoma (WSM)
  • $27.50 – Chatham Lodging Trust (CLDT)

With these my gross dividend for May has amounted to $991.34, which is an increase if $40.57 YOY.

As I am supposed to receive a few more dividends, I expect my dividend income for May to exceed $1,000.

Disclosure: Long WSM, CLDT





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