Recent Buy – CLDT, MAIN

Hello readers, it is Thursday. I am suffering from swollen tonsil. First time such a pain, no medications work this far.


Anyway, on May 17th I executed the following buy orders.

  • Chatham Lodging Trust (CLDT)
    • I have 250 shares in Brokerage A, but A withhold 30% of dividend every time. So I purchased 150 shares in Brokerage B
    • YOC of this new position is 7%. On May 31st, I will get paid dividends by CLDT, so I will see how much income tax the Brokerage B will hold. If they do only 10% as I expect, I close my position in A and add another 100 shares in B.
  • Main Street Capital (MAIN)
    • Added 50 shares at $37.95 per share plus commission
    • The number of shares has increased to 100 from 50
    • The average cost per share has risen to $35.445 from $32.92
    • YOC has declined to 6.3% from 6.7%

Both CLDT and MAIN are monthly dividend paying stocks.

Disclosure: Long CLDT, MAIN



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