2017 April Monthly dividend income

Hello readers, it is Friday night here in Japan and I quit the company so I will be free. Today I would like to close my April gross dividend income

I received gross dividends from 17 different stocks and ETFs. Total gross dividend income was $875.21, which is an increase of $24.21 YOY.

As you can see in the graph below, my monthly income has been growing YOY since January.

As I have to pay at least 20.315% of my dividend income, my net dividend income is estimated at $697.41. On April 28th , $1 was JPY 110.79. Therefore my net dividend income in April was JPY 77,266.  My living expenses in April was JPY 306,261.

Therefore,  dividend coverage of living cost was 25% in April.
77,266 ÷ 306,261 = 25%

Obviously it was too early to quit the company, but I quit.

Disclosure: Long all the stocks and ETF aforementioned




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