Dividend Update – DE, VZ


Hello readers, how’s this week? I don’ t know , but I feel dizziness today. Anyway, on May 1st i received the following gross dividends at my Japanese brokerage account.

  • $19.20 – Deere & Company (DE)
  • $53.13 – Verizon (VZ)

With these my gross dividend income for May has amounted to $$560.81.

Below you can find the detail information of my position in DE and VZ.  92 shares of my VZ position was converted from VOD in February 2014.  That’s the reason why both YOC and unrealized gain are such good

Portfolio Ticker shares YOC unrealized gain the last div growth time the last div growth rate Annual gross dividends
Deere & Company DE 100 2.9% 37.3% 2014年2月 18% $76.80
Verizon VZ 142 6.9% 39.5% 2016年6月 2% $328.02



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