Recent Sell and Buy – MET, WPC

Hello readers, how’s your week?
In Japan we are in the Golden Week which this year three consecutive national holidays from May 3rd through May 5th. However, time has passed by finger snapping (I borrowed this expression from an American blogger). Anyway,
On May 3rd, the following transactions were executed

  • Closed my position in MET by selling 50 shares at $52.25 per share. My net gain in US$ was $85, but I incurred a capital loss of  JPY 13,040 due to exchange rate.

It is ironic that today MET is up 2.5% as of writing.

Using the funds out of the MET transaction, I purchased 40 shares of WPC at $62.22 plus $1 commission. As a result.

  • # of shares                                100 →  140株     (+40)
  • Average cost per share       $61.53→  $61.74    (-$0.21)
  • YOC                                            6.5%   →   6.4%       (-0.1%)
  • Forward annual dividends $398   →   $557.20  (+$159.20)

I have been happily owning WPC shares and I think I will be so going forward. I am grateful for Jason Fieber’s blog post about WPC when he was writing as Dividend Mantra. If it were not for his blog, I couldn’t have known this REIT.

Disclosure: Long WPC



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