Dividend Update – CSCO


Hello readers, it is Tuesday morning and I don’t have to go to the office because I am on leave today. Anyway, I have CSCO shares both in my US and Japanese brokerage accounts. The latter always notify the arrival of a dividend me about a week later the dividend is paid.  On April 26th I received the following gross dividend.

  • $58.00 – Cisco Systems (CSCO)

With this, my gross dividend income for April has amounted to $829.21, which is $21.79 less YOY. I know I have received a dividend from Dow Chemical (DOW) at my Japanese brokerage account on April 28th , but I haven’t received a notification yet. Therefore I cannot close my dividend income for April yet.

Disclosure: Long CSCO, DOW

皆さん、本日は出勤されているのでしょうか? 私は休みました。私はシスコの株を米国と日本の両方の証券口座で保有しているのですが、ようやく日本の口座から入金の連絡がありました。税引き前ベースですが、58ドルで、4月の税引き前配当収入が829.21ドルとなりました。前年同月よりも22ドルほど低いです。しかし、ダウケミカルから4月28日に配当金を日本の証券口座で受け取ってますので、前年同月比でわずかに上回る予定です。


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