Recent Buy 新規投資 – NTT DoCoMo


Hello readers, how’s your Monday? Well, we will have a very long weekend called Golden Week this week (May 3,4 5th are all national holidays in Japan), so I was very relaxed at work today.


During the lunch hour today, I came across this blog post about NTT DoCoMo’s big dividend increase of 25%.  I thought it was quite impressive. Then I immediately checked DoCoMo’s forward dividend yield which was 3.7%. No brainer. Today I initiated a position in NTT DoCoMo, specifically 100 purchased 100 shares at the average cost of JPY 2,667 plus the commission of JPY 323. YOC is 3.7% and I expect to receive JPY 7,968 net dividends in 2018.

Japan’s mobile communication market is oligopoly as its market is controlled by three mega carriers including DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank. DoCoMo as a spin-off of the former national telecom company has the most robust and the largest mobile network in terms of service areas in Japan.  They represent 46% of Japan’s mobile market in terms of the number of the subscribers which was about 161 Million as of December 2016.

Japan mobile.jpg

According to DoCoMo’s guidance, the payout ratio is expected to be 57% even after this 20% increase in their annual dividend.


While three year average EPS growth rate is 20%, the three year average dividend growth rate is 15%. DoCoMo is as solid as a rock and I expect stable dividend growth from this company at least for the next 5 years.

Disclosure: NTT DoCoMo

読者の皆さん、大型連休の中日ですが、出勤はされたのでしょうか? 私は一応顔を出しましたが、退職前のこともあって、非常に暇でした。実は今日の昼休みにドコモが25%増配というブログ記事を読み、ヤフーファイナンスで配当利回りを調査したら、なんと3.7%。これは買うしかないということで、100株だけですが、ポジションを立てました。過去三年のEPSの平均成長率が20%で、配当の成長率は15%。且つ配当性向が57%ですので、今後も増配が期待できると思います。


9422 DPS trend.jpg





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