Recent Buy 追加投資 – OHI



Hello readers, how’s your Saturday?  It is very hot here in Tokyo and I would like to go out after I get errands done.

My GT (Good Through until cancelled) order for OHI was executed on April 28th yesterday, specifically bought 50 shares at $33.00 per share plus $1 commission.

Metrics Before After
# of shares 100 150
Average cost $35.40 $34.61
YOC 7.1% 7.3%
Gross dividends / year $252 $378

As I could average down the cost of my position in OHI, I am very happy about this addition.

Disclosure: Long OHI



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  1. Hi Samurai, what happens, say if you hold 50 shares of this stock. The dividend payment is 50*0.63 which is $31.50. If the price at the time of dividend payment and issuing of new shares is higher than your payment, lets say $35, what happens then? Do you just get your dividend payment in cash? Or do they round up to the nearest share?


      1. Hi, I understand that, what I am saying is if I were to buy some of these would your dividend income have to be higher than what the cost of dividend is?


    1. Most companies who you hold stocks through would give you equal value in shares so if you bought 50 shares and your company you had it though dropped you would get roughly around .92 shares like I will be getting around 2 shares but depending on the price could 1.98 shares or 2.1 shares hope that helps
      If the company you have doesn’t drip then you just get cash


      1. Thanks, I think that’s a little something like I was saying. But it may have got lost in translation. Thanks for clearing it up regardless!

        いいね: 1人


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