Comparison of the insurance companies in my portfolio 投資先保険会社の比較


In my very biased view, insurance companies are in general the most inefficiently run enterprises on the earth primarily because their businesses are well protected by regulations. Therefore an extremely high barrier to entry.  However, I have three insurance companies in my portfolio because I was lured by their high yield.

Let’s look at their performance since my investment.

comparison of insurance companies 1

It turned out that all three companies are in the money. Especially Prudential Financial (PRU) and Principal Financial Group(PFG) are doing very well.
comparison of insurance companies 2.jpg

On the other hand I am disappointed by Met Life (MET) as they are barely in the money and there has been no dividend raise for the past year. As far as I heard, the reputation of Met Life in Japan is getting down. I guess they are losing a market share in Japan. By the way, I sold MCD shares after I observed MacDonald’s was slumping in Japan, but it was a very bad decision. Now I regret it. Anyway, I will put a GT sell order to close my position in MET.

Disclosure: Long PRU, PFG, MET





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