Dividend Update 配当金入金 – WPC


Hello readers, how’s your Tuesday?  I had a bad one because we have a psychopath colleague who makes my life very miserable at work.

Anyhow on April 17th I received a gross dividend of $99.50 from W.P. Carey Inc (WPC). With this, my gross dividend income for March has amounted to $613.76 which is $237.24 less Year-On-Year.

Let me talk about WPC. I initiated this positon in 2015 and I made an additional investment in the same year. As a result, I own 100 shares of WPC with YOC of 6.5% and this position is barely profitable with 4.2% of unrealized gain.

The reason why I initiated my position in WPC is I read the blog post by then “Dividend Mantra”.  I blindly believed in his argument in WPC and I just followed suit.

Disclosure : Long WPC


アメリカのREITであるW.P. Carey から配当金が入りました。今後の動向は不明ですが、とりあえず株式を保持し続けます、




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