Dividend Update 配当金入金 – LMT


Hello readers, how’s your Monday? Today I made a big decision. I decided to quit the company which is one of the worst workplace in the world. I will lose my steady income, but I understand that I won’t be able to mentally survive any more. Anyway, on March 24th we received $182.00 gross dividend from Lockheed Martin (LMT).

With this my gross dividend for March has amounted to $1,631.89 which is a increase of $134.06 Year Over Year. The net dividend income for March is estimated at $1,300.37.

Disclosure: Long LMT

読者の皆さん、ご機嫌如何ですか? 私はついに耐えられなくなって会社辞めることになりました。今回は珍しく粘ったのですが、仕方ないです。しばらく無職で生きるつもりです。早くも来年の国民健康保険と住民税が心配ですが。






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