Recent Buy 最近の新規ならびに追加投資 – WSM, PCEF


Hello readers, Wednesday has passed. We need to work only two days this week. On March 14th I made the following investments.

  • New investment in Williams-Sonoma(WSM), specifically 66 shares at $47.32 per share plus a $1 trading commission. YOC is 3.1%. Expected forward annual gross dividend is $97.68.
  • Additional investment in PowerShares CEF Income Composite Portfolio (PCEF), specifically 80 shares at $22.75 per share plus $1 trading commission. YOC has improved to 7.1% and $144.00 gross divided is expected to add for the next 12 months.

For the information on William-Sonoma, please read this article of mine titled Stock consideration 投資先候補- WSM

MM, a Japanese blogger living in the US, just today posted his analysis on WSM. According to the post, WSM is not a value stock as the following metrics show. I should have waited until WSM downs more?

Metrics Criteria WSM
S&P rating B or above
P/E ratio less than 1.1 0.11
Current Ratio 1.5 or larger 1.3
EPS growth 5 years in a row 5 years
PER 9倍未満 14.4
PBR 1.2倍未満 3.7
Dividend paying Yes Yes

Disclosure WSM, PCEF





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