My net worth as of March 11th 2017 – 3月11日時点の純資産


Hello readers, this is the second post today. Every mid-month, I report my net worth because I receive my monthly pay check in the 4th week every month. Therefore, it is better to indicate my net worth prior to receiving a monthly paycheck.

Today I calculated my network which is ¥90,935,642 or $792,675. These consist of cash, stocks and pensions. So only the pension cannot be liquidated until I turn 60.

If I use the simple exchange rate $1 = JPY 100, my net worth is JPY 84,036,089 which is 1.6% growth than last month.

56% of my asset is held in US$ while the balance is held in JPY. I believe in the USA than Japan when it comes to an economic growth.

my net worth 2017 mar.jpg

本日時点の純資産です。最新の為替を用いますと、¥90,935,642 または $792,675となります。円安で円資産が生涯初めて9000万円を超えました。ドル資産もトランプラリーで増加しましあt。簡易的に1ドル100円で換算すると、約8,403万円になります。これを基準に前月比をみると1.6%純資産が成長しています。不動産は持ってませんので、年金を除いて全て容易に現金化できます。年金には国民年金と厚生年金は含めてなく、確定拠出型年金の時価だけを加えております。


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