Dividend Update 配当金入金 – BA, HOG,,MSFT


Hello readers, it is Friday night. The week is over and I can just take rest over the next two days. March is a busy month in terms of dividend update. I have received the following gross dividends since the last update.

  • March 3rd
    • $85.20 from Boeing (BA)
    • $29.20 from Harley-Davidson (HOG)
  • March 6th
    • $41.00 from Cummins (CMI)
  • March 8th
    • $23.00 from AMGEN (AMGN)
  • March 9th
    • $58.50 from Microsoft (MSFT)

With these my gross dividend income for March has amounted to $515.26. Remember, from here I will have to pay 20.315% of income tax to the Japanese government. So the net dividend income is estimated at $410.58.

Disclosure: Long BA, HOG, CMI, AMGN, MSF





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