My top 10 holdings as of 2013 February 26, 4年前のポートフォリオの状況を振り返って


Today I would like to disclose the top 10 holdings of my portfolio four years ago. The numbers in the parenthesis are the current weight.

  1. AT&T (T)                                                weight= 19.11% (8.2%)
  2. Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A)              weight = 18.98% (0.7%)
  3. Dynex Capital(DX)                             weight = 13.70% (none)
  4. Eli Lilly(LLY)                                        weight  =10.38% (5.7%)
  5. Intel(INTC )                                          weight= 7.16%    (4.1%)
  6. Lorillard, Inc(LO)                                weight=  5.25%  (none)
  7. Altria Group(MO)                                weight= 4.53%   (5.3%)
  8. Telefonica SA (TEF)                            weight= 3.41%   (none)
  9. GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK)            weight= 2.88%  (1%)
  10. Lockheed Martin (LMT)                    weight=  2.81% (6.3%)

Three companies are gone. DX is an mREIT and I was scared by its risk and couldn’t hold it. TEF cut its dividends and I incurred a big loss out of this investment. Lo was one of the best investments. Although they kept increasing its  dividend by double digit, it was acquired by RAI and I recently closed my position in RAI because it agreed to being acquired by BTI which pays dividends only twice a year.

It is interesting to see how many of them will stay in my portfolio four years from now.

上記はちょうど4年前のポートフォリオの十傑の状況です。そのころは投資銘柄が少なかったので、上位10社への依存度が高いです。3社がポートフォリオからなくなっています。DXはMortgage REITと言って、レバレッジをかけまくって、住宅ローン債権に投資する会社でした。配当利回りは10%超えだったのですが、あまりにリスクが高いので売りました。スペインの電話会社のTelefonicaは減配したので、損切りしました。LOは大成功の投資でした。毎年2桁の増配をしてくれたのですが、RAIに買収されました。そのRAIもBTIに買収が決まったので、全額売却しました。




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