Stock Consideration 追加投資候補 – GIS


Hello readers, it is Sunday morning in Japan. Due to a on-going merger talk between Kraft Heinz (KHC) and Unilever (UL) and updating a lower guidance, the stock price of General Mills (GIS) dropped by 3.75% to $59.23.  Now its yield is at 3.21% which is a highest level for the past 5 years.

GIS Dividend Yield (TTM) Range, Past 5 Years

Minimum 2.45% Jul 06 2016
Maximum 3.30% Oct 16 2014
Average 2.96%

GIS Ychart.jpg
Even compared to its primary competitors, GIS’s yiled stands out as you can see below.

GIS Dividend Yield (TTM) Benchmarks

Campbell Soup 2.26%
Conagra Brands 2.40%
Kellogg 2.80%

Just a brief introduction to GIS. “General Mills, Inc. manufactures and markets branded consumer foods in the United States. It operates in three segments: U.S. Retail, International, and Convenience Stores and Foodservice. The company offers ready-to-eat cereals, refrigerated yogurt, soup, meal kits, refrigerated and frozen dough products, dessert and baking mixes, frozen pizza and pizza snacks, grain and fruit and savory snacks, stable and frozen vegetables, and ice cream and frozen desserts, as well as various organic products, including meal kits, granola bars, and cereal. ”

I have 66 shares of GIS which YOC is 3.9% and the position carries 21.5% unrealized gain. What I am considering is to add 34 shares to the position so that I will own 100 shares which is easy to remember.

Disclosure : Long GIS




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