Dividend Update 配当金入金 – TXN,PG,O,Main


Hello readers, it is Friday morning here in Japan. I took a leave at work and am enjoying a sunny Friday.

I have received the following gross dividends since the last dividend update.

  • Feb 13th   $30.00 from Texas Instruments (TXN)
  • Feb 15th   $62.00 from Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI)
  • Feb 15th  $50.21  from P&G (PG)
  • Feb 15th  $43.16  from Realty Income(O)
  • Feb 15th  $9.26   from Main Street Capital(MAIN)

With these, my gross dividend income for February has amounted to $758.23. I am $37.66 to go in order to reach the same gross dividend income a year earlier.

Disclosure: Long TXN, OHI, PG, O, MAIN






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