Dividend Change this year 今年の配当金増減状況


Hello readers, it is a beautiful Saturday here in Tokyo. I should go on a hiking as soon as I finish Saturday errands.

Today I would like to summarize a dividend change in 2017 compared to 2016 annual gross dividend income which was $13,860.49.  This year thus far the gross dividend income from my portfolio is expected to increase $36.45 or 0.26% up from 2016. Selling the entire position of RAI is the primary cause why the expected increase is so small.

Ticker Dividend change[$] Dividend Change[%] Cause of change
LB 110.40 n/a New position
RAI -213.44 -100% Sold position
BLK 10.08 8% Dividend hike
O 126.30 32% Addition and dividend hike
D 6.60 8% Dividend hike
OHI 4.00 2% Dividend hike
KMB 5.00 5% Dividend hike
HOG 4.80 4% Dividend hike
NGG -17.29 -15% Dividend cut
Total 36.45 0.26% n/a






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