Dividend update 配当金入金 – CSCO,CLDT,SSW


Hello readers, it is Tuesday night and there are 3 days to work this week. Since the dividend update I have received the following gross dividends.

  • Jan 25th  $52.00 from Cisco System (CSCO) that I have in my Japanese brokerage account
  • Jan 27th $27.50 from Chatham Lodging Trust (CLDT)
  • Jan 30th $60.00 from Seaspan (SSW)

With these, my gross dividend income for January has amounted to $854.62 which is $87.10 more than what I made in January a year earlier. As to April, I think my dividend income will decrease because I sold my entire position in RAI which paid me a gross dividend income of $53.36 in January and SSW’s dividend is not sustainable.

Disclosure: Long CSCO, CLDT,SSW






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