My patience is being tested 今は我慢のしどころ


Hello readers, how’s your weekend? As I ate good dinners both Friday and Saturday evenings, I feel good today (Sunday in Japan).

Today I would like to express my view on the stock markets. I think that the markets will be corrected in two or three months. I believe Trump Rally will be faded as I don’t think the economic growth under his presidency is sustainable. Therefore, what I need to do is not to make any purchase although my fellow dividend growth investors make purchase. This is only way I can succeed in stock investment. I think that I should be patient until March or April – Market corrections will come in.

読者の皆様、週末はいかがお過ごしでしょうか? 私はトランプ・ラリーは弾けると思います。彼の政権下での経済成長が継続可能性が高いものとは思えないからです。完全な私見ですが、3月か4月には株式市場が下落すると予想しています。それまでは、いくら周囲がどんどん新規・追加投資しても我慢します。これが唯一の株式投資で成功できる方法と私は思ってます。




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