Dividend Hike and Hold 増配と増配見送り- KMB, INTC


Hello readers, this is the second post tonight. I had a high expectation on INTC as a dividend contender, but they didn’t meet it. On January 23rd, INTC declared $0.26 quarterly dividend per share. As a result, INTC will keep its quarterly dividend per share at $0.26 for five quarters in a row and my yield-on-cost in INTC will remain 4.7%.

On the other hand, on January 24th, Board of Directors of Kimberly-Clark (KMB) has approved a 5.4 percent increase in the quarterly dividend, taking the dividend to 97 cents per share, up from 92 cents per share in 2016. This is the 45th consecutive annual increase in the company’s dividend. The dividend will be payable on April 4, 2017, to stockholders of record on March 10, 2017. As I have 25 shares, my forward gross dividend income from KMB is expected to increase by $5.00. My yield-on-cost in KMB will be up to 3.5% from 3.3%.

Disclosure: INTC,KMB





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