A Japanese salaried worker’s annual income


Hello readers, it is Sunday and I feel still good as Monday is a national holiday.

About a couple of days ago, I disclosed my non-investment income of 2016. One of the blog owners disclosed his 2016 non-investment income recently. I would like to share it with the readers. He lives in Niigata (relatively large city located on the Sea of Japan) and works for an IT company. His take-home income was JPY 3,565,647, which is about one third of mine. He has a baby and home maker wife. I don’t know how he could make ends meet, but this tells me that I don’t have to work if I have JPY 3,600,000 after tax dividend income.  I need to make my dividend income 3 times more than I made last year. I don’t know how to achieve it.







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