Dividend Increase 増配 – GE


Hello readers, how’s your blue Monday?  Mine was OK as I could leave the office at 6pm.

By the way, GE announced to raise its quarterly dividend from $0.23 per share to $0.24 by 4% on December 9th. This is the first raise since December  12th, 2014. After the 8 quarters, just raising 4% is a pity. I don’t think that Immelt is a great CEO. Why did Jack Welch choose this guy as successor?

Anyway, with this raise, the YOC of my position in GE has improved to 3.7% from 3.6%.

Disclosure: Long GE

読者の皆さん、月曜日はどうでしたか? 私はなんとか生き残りました。GEが増配を発表しましたが、わずか1セント、4%だけでした。二年ぶりの増配だったのですが、せこすぎます。Immelt sucksです。私の持ち分の投下資本当たりの税引き前配当利回りは3.6%から3.7%に上がりました。




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