Dividend Update 配当金入金 – TXN


Hello readers, how’s weekend or thanks giving?

It is a beautiful day on Saturday here in Tokyo and I must go out.

On November 21st, I received a gross dividend of $30 from Texas Instruments (TXN). This is the first dividend I have received since TXN raised its quarterly dividend by 32%. My regret about TXN is that I own only 60 shares. I should have done double down on TXN.

With this my gross dividend income for November has become $886.40.

Disclosure: Long TXN

読者の皆さん、本日は良い天気です。しかし、予定がない。今からランチに出て、そして何をするか考えます。楽天証券保有株のTexas Instrumentsから配当金が入金されました。税前は$30なのですが、現地の源泉徴収ならびに日本の所得税・住民税をひかれた後は$21.54しか残りません。しょぼいですね。




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