Dividend Update 配当金入金 – ACN,MAIN,O,OHI,PG


Hello readers,

How’s your weekend?  It is rainy here in Tokyo on Saturday, so I feel like losing one day. Anyway, on November 15th alone, I received the following gross dividends.

  • $60.50 from Accenture (ACN)
  • $9.26  from Main Street Capital (MAIN)
  • $31.31 from Realty Income (O)
  • $61.00 from Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI)
  • $50.21 from P&G (PG)

I am confused about both OHI. The YOC of my position in OHI is 6.9% and they keep raising its quarterly dividend , but its value is down by 20% since my investment. As trump won the presidential election and a rate hike is almost surely happening in December, I guess OHI is dumped by investors. The question is whether I should take advantgae of now to add more shares to my OHI position.

With these my gross dividend income for November has amounted to $789.00. In this year my gross dividend income year-to-date is  $11,856.

Disclosure: Long ACN, MAIN,O,OHI,PG

読者のみなさん、週末はいかがですか? 東京は雨ですね。一日損した気分です。11月15日に一挙に5社から配当が入金されました。コンサル会社のアクセンチュア(オランダに本社を置いているので、現地での源泉が15%かかるので要注意です。しかも、配当は年二回です)、いわゆるREIT(OとOHI)、生活必需品セクターのP&G、最後のMain Street CapitalはBusiness Development Companyという米国独自の形態で、中小企業等に投資してその投資益を大部分をREITのように株主に還元する会社です。毎月分配かつ配当利回りが6%超えています。そのためポートフォリオに組み込みました。





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