Dividend Update 配当金 – TD,DE,VZ


Hello readers,

How’s your work week?  Mine is as bad as usual. My goal is to quit the current job as soon as possible.

On October 30th, I received a gross dividend of $40.62 from Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD). There are a couple of disadvantages to invest in Canadian stocks. Although TD has raised its dividned for many consecutive years, the dividend I recieve varies from quarter to quarter due to fluctuations of the exchange rate between C$ and US$. Another disadvantage is 15% of income tax is withheld in Canada. i regre having TD stocks. With this my gross dividend income for October has become $949.08.

On Novermber 1st I received the following gross dividends at my Japanese brokerage account.

  • $19.20 from Deere (DE)
  • $$53.13 from Verizon (VZ)

With these, my gross dividend income for November has amounted to $543.75.

Disclosure: Long DE,VZ,TD

読者の皆さん、今週はどうですか? 今日でやっとで二日分の労働が終わりましたが、相変わらず酷いです。早く会社辞めたいです。

10月30日にカナダのToronto-Dominion Bankから税前で$40.62の配当がありました。このTD自体は連続増配株なのですが、米ドルとカナダドルの為替の関係で、私が受領する米ドルでの配当は毎期増減します。更にカナダは現地の所得税が15%かかります。従って、カナダ株への投資はあまり進められません。







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