dividend Income for October 2016 – 10月の配当金収入


Hello readers,

How are you? Let me cofess one thing. I have only about 8 unique users every day. I really apprecitae those who frequently visiting this blog from Japan, Germany and US. On October 28th i received a gross dividend of $46 from Dow Chemical (DOW). As this is the final dividend in October, I can close my book for October.

In October 2016, I made $908.46 gross dividend income, which is $70.49 increase YOY.

Disclosure: Long DOW





「dividend Income for October 2016 – 10月の配当金収入」への4件のフィードバック

    1. Thank you for your compliment. I was encouraged by your comment. I will continue to post articles as long as there are readers like you. Please don’t follow me in investment decision as I failed in SSW,PFE,CLDT and AMGN. I should have be more patient.


  1. Ohayō Dividendsamurai, your Oct. income is nice :-). I got only 80,80 €, but i hope that i can increase my Oct.2017 income to 100€ – 120€ with MO,GSK, CAH or KO….. I find your AMGN bought was good, i bought last Wednesday my first CAH, but i totally forgot AMGN :-(.
    Maybe I´m one of the guy from Germany, because your block is great and i like it.
    Have a good day!


    1. Toby

      Dane fur your readership. I have had a very long way to get to $900 gross dividend income per month. So you should be patient. i think that CAH is an excellent company. There is some doubt about AMGN accordig to seeking alpha articles. I thknk that at leat another 5 years they will be OK.

      Have a great weekend




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