Dividend Increase 増配 – TXN, AEP,CVX


Hello readers,

How’s your work week?  Thursday passed, so I have only one day to work.

Yesterday, three of my portfolio companies announced their dividend increase.

  • Texas Instruments (TXN) increased its quarterly dividend by 32 percent to 50 cents per share, or $2.00 annualized. The quarterly dividend was declared and will be payable November 21, 2016, to shareholders of record on November 7, 2016. With this, the Yield-On-Cost of my position in TXN has increased to 4.5% from 3.4%. What a jump!
  • The Board of Directors of American Electric Power Co. (NYSE: AEP) today declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of 59 cents a share on the company’s common stock, increasing the dividend 5.4 percent from the previous 56 cents a share. AEP last increased its dividend in October 2015.The dividend is payable Dec. 9, 2016, to shareholders of record as of Nov. 10, 2016. AEP has paid a cash dividend on its common stock every quarter since July 1910. The YOC of my position in AEP has increased to 5.5% from 5.2%.
  • The Board of Directors of Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) today declared a quarterly dividend of one dollar and eight cents ($1.08) per share, payable December 12, 2016, to all holders of common stock as shown on the transfer records of the Corporation at the close of business November 18, 2016.Chevron has increased its annual dividend payment for 29 consecutive years.This is almost nothing for my position. The YOC of my postion in CVX remains at 3.7%.

Disclosure: Long TXN, AEP,CVX


二社目はAmerican electric Power(AEP)で5.4%増配してくれました。投下資本に対する配当利回りが5.2%から5.5%になりました。含み益は46%あります。



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