Recent Buy 新規投資 – V.F. Corporation(VFC)


Hello readers,

How’s your Tuesday? Today I was bullied at work , but I could keep my patience for unfair virval attack by one of the high ranked senior managers at my company. I finally confirmed that why our company went wrong is because of the quality of senior manager rank. In any way, I opned the following new position.

Almost immediately reading the news that VF Corp raised its quarterly dividend by 14%, I initiated my position in VFC, specifically I bought 50 shares of VFC at the avergae cost of $53.04 per share. The dividends per share is $1.68 which is around 3.17% yield. This purchase increases my forward yearly dividends by $84.




Company profile: V.F. Corporation engages in the design, production, procurement, marketing, and distribution of branded lifestyle apparel, footwear, and related products in the United States and Europe. The company primarily offers outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment, youth culture/action sports-inspired footwear, handbags, luggage, backpacks, totes, accessories, surfing-inspired footwear, merino wool socks, women’s activewear, and travel accessories under the The North Face, Vans, Timberland, Kipling, Napapijri, Jansport, Reef, Smartwool, Eastpak, lucy, and Eagle Creek brands. It also provides denim, casual apparel, footwear, and accessories under the Wrangler, Lee, Lee Casuals, Riders by Lee, Rustler, Timber Creek by Wrangler, and Rock & Republic brands.

Dividend Growth: 44 years, DGR 10 years = 15.5% Payout ratio =35%

VFC TTM Ychart.jpg

After I checked VFC’s histroical yield trend for the last 5 years and realized that it has never touched 3%, I decided to initate a position in VFC.

Disclosure: Long VFC


ようやく火曜日が終わりましたが、如何ですか? 私は職場で最悪の時を過ごしました。早く仕事を辞めたい気持ちが株式投資を後押しします。アメリカのアパレルのコングロマリットであるVF Corporation(VFC)が14%も増配したというニュースが飛び込んできました。そこでフォーワード配当利回りと、過去の配当利回りを確認したところ、3%超えたことが無かったので、衝動買いで50株の新規ポジションを立てました。投下資本の配当利回りあ3.17%となります。VFCに関しては、米国配当成長株投資で日本で最も有名であるこのブロガーさんが記事に起こしていますので、興味のある方はそちらをお読みください。





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