Dividend Update 配当入金 - PM, O

Hello readers

How’s your work week?  I survived 5 days from Monday to Friday and now I am relaxed at home because it is Friday night.

I have received the following gross dividends since the last report.

  • $103.9 from Philip Morris International (PM), YOC= 4.7%, unrealized return=8.3%
  • $31.31  from Realty Income (O),YOC= 6.1%, unrealized return=56.5%

With these, my gross dividend income for October has amounted to $630.96.

Disclosure: Long PM, O

読者の皆様、如何お過ごしでしょうか? ようやく金曜日が終わりました。万歳です。今月追加で二社から配当が入金されました。煙草のPhilip MorrisとREITのRealty Income。後者は毎月分配してくれるし、増配してくれるし、含み益が載ってるはで大成功の投資銘柄の一つとなりました。




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