Dividend Increase 増配 – ACN アクセンチュア


Hello readers,

How ‘ your week? Mine is just OK and one work day to go until Saturday. On September 29th, Accenture(ACN) has declared a semi-annual cash dividend of $1.21 per share on Accenture plc Class A ordinary shares for shareholders of record at the close of business on Oct. 21, 2016, and Accenture Holdings plc will declare a semi-annual cash dividend of $1.21 per share on Accenture Holdings ordinary shares for shareholders of record at the close of business on Oct. 18, 2016. Both dividends are payable on November 15, 2016. This represents an increase of $0.11 per share, or 10 percent, over the company’s previous semi-annual dividend, declared in March.

This is the 6[th] year in a row that ACN has increased its quarterly dividend.

The forward Yield-On-Cost of my positioon(50 shares) in ACN has improved to 3.2% from 2.9%. The position in ACN will bring me an FTM  gross dividends of $121 and it carries 50.7% of unrelized gain as of writing

Happy Friday to all !

Disclosure: Long ACN


  • 増配率が鈍化傾向にある
  • 四半期ではなく半期でしか配当が支払われない
  • 本社がオランダのため現地での源泉徴収が15%引かれ(米国だと10%,英国は0)、更にそこから日本の所得税と住民税約20%が徴収される





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