Dividend Update – CMI, WFC, BA, JNJ, LYB, MSFT

Hello readers, how’s your weekend? It has no rain here in Tokyo today, but it is expected to rain tomorrow. Anyway, here’s update on my gross dividend income.

  • Sep 1st     $46.00 from Cummins(CMI)
  • Sep 1st     $38.00 from Wells Fargo(WFC)
  • Sep 2nd   $65.40 from Boeing (BA)
  • Sep 6th    $40.00 from Johnson and Johnson(JNJ)
  • Sep 6th    $34.00 from LyondellBasell Industries(LYB)
  • Sep 8th    $54.00 from Microsoft (MSFT)

With these my gross dividend income for September has amounted to $422.40.

disclosure: Long CMI, WFC, BA, JNJ,LYB,MSFT




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