Recent Sell – HYG, South32

Hello readers,

I sold the following two positions today. First one is part of my position in HYG and the other one is the entire positiin in South32.

HYG  =        -$442 = (45@84.12 – 1.08) – (45@93.7+9.99)

South32 = -$193  = (60@5.80 – 1.08) – 60@9.00

In total I incurred $635 capital loss.

Although I bought HYG position based on my own decision, I was given South32 shares as a result of BHP Billiton’s demerger last year. I made loss from this unwanted position in South32 as well as from my original investment in BHP Billiton. What a mess!

Disclosure: Still long HYG



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