Dividend Update – TXN


It is Saturday and it is a beautiful day here in Tokyo. But some of my colleagues are working even on such a day because of their own incompetence. Hiring is critical and if you make a mistake, you will suffer from that decision.

Anyway, on May 16th I received a gross dividend of $22.80 from Texas Instrument (TXN). I initiated a position in TXN on August 24 last year at the cost per share of $44.46. Now ist YOC is 3.42%. The value of my psotion  has been up 32% since my investment. So this is one of my best investments made last year.

With this dividend, my gross dividend income for 2016 May has amounted to $896.12, which is $22.27 less from in the same month a year eralier.

Disclosure: Long TXN




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