Recent Buy – KSS

On May 6th, I bought 70 shares of Kohl’s (KSS) at $41.1 per share.  YOC of my position in KSS is 4.9%. This position wil bring me $140 gross annual dividend income.


The reason why I initiated a position in KSS was that I came across this article. The share price is almost at its 52 weeks low of $39.23. Dividend Payout Ratio is 57% and dividend per free cash flow is 50%. Its current dividend yield is the highest in the past 5 years. DAGR for the last 5 years was 15% .

KSS dividend yield 5 years.jpg


This stock is consumer discresionary. Therfore, it is not strong when resession. As this is a flash buy, maybe it works or it doesn’t.

Disclosure: Long KSS


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