Dividend Update – GIS,T,VZ

Hello readers,

How’s your work week? As I said, I have been on Golden Week. Time flies. I have just four days to go. I cannot imagine I will work from next Monday.

Anyway, on May 2, I received the following gross dividends.

  • $30.36 from General Mills (GIS)
  • $403.20 from AT&T (T)
  • $28.25 from Verizon (VZ)

With these, my gross dividend income for May 2016 has amounted to $461.81.

Disclosure: Long GIS, T, VZ


「Dividend Update – GIS,T,VZ」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Hi Samurai,

    I hope you enjoy your Golden Week and the next week to:-))))

    Today was a worse / bad / crap day because one of my colleage must leaved the company due centralisation ( and he used his overtime + vacation, is ok ) :-(((

    But back to the divi income 🙂 Omg nice income from At& T great :-)) By the way, at which price do you bought all the nice positions and which year?

    I received in the fist week 17,33 € At&T, 6,33€ CVS and 25€ Bayer ( May will be the best month for me)
    Best regards


    1. I bought T shares several times a long time ago. Total position is 840 shares at the average acquitiison cost of $26.28 per share, which means the YOC is 7.3%. Having said that, unrealized return is just 48% after six years.




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