Recent Buy – AAPL

Last night I initiated a position in Apple Computer(AAPL) with 24 shares @$95.09 including a commision of $6.95. This has been the first buy since Februay 8th when I initiated a position in Ford (F).  My forward YOC in AAPL is  2.4% and this posiiton is expected to bring in $54.72 gross dividends per year.

I personally don’t own iPhone because it is so expensive to maintain it (JPY 7,000 or more per month). My nexus 5 costs me just JPY 2,500 per month, so no reason to switch to iPhone. However, if you look at Japaese market alone, iPhone’s domination seems to continue at least for another two or three years.

My purchase decsion was made accroding to the following TTM yield curve. I thought it was too good a buying opportunity to miss.

AAPL TTM yield.jpg

I have the following GT90 orders.

  • CMP  40@$70   expires on July 25   (last trade @$74.39)
  • HCP  100@$32  expires on July 10   (last trade @$33.91)
  • GM    100@$28 expires on July 3      (last trade @$32.44)
  • LYB     40@$80 expires on June 30  (last trade @$86.36)

Looks like the order for HCP will be executed soon.

Disclosure: Long AAPL, F



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