Dividend Update – GE, CSCO

Hello readers,

We are in Golden Week here in Japan. As I take two paid vacations, I will be on vacation from Spril 29 through May 8th, 10 consecutive days in a row. The problem is that everywhere is crowded and everything is expensive during Golden Week. I will rather spending planning on my life (career and money) than go out.

Anyway, on April 25th I received a gross dividend of $46 from General Electric (GE) and two days after tht day, I receieved a gross dividend of $39 from Cisco Systems (CSCO). I have another position of CSCO in my Japanese brokerage, so I will report another CSCO dividend within a week.

With theses dividends, my gross dividend income for April has amoounted to $755.50.

Disclosure: Long GE. CSCO


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  1. Hi Dividendsamurai, nice income I received on the 27th from Cisco approx 19,58 € and from GSK 21€ that is my April income 😦 , enjoy the Goldenweek.




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