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First of all, I have no ad income from my blog. Page Views are absolutely low and almost trash in a sense that I may think about generating ad revenues from this blog. Recently I frequently visited this blog about US dividend growth stock investment written in Japanese. According to his latest post as of writing, he has already generated about $100 monthly AdSense income from his blog. Put it into perspective. My largest holding is T, which represents about 9.1% of my US stock portfolio. That position generates about $1,612 gross dividend income per year. After the Japanese income tax, it downs to $1,273. In his case, he writes a short article every day although I think he spends much more time on preparing for it. That gives him $1,200 a year, which is almost risk free compared to my investment in T.

Another example of blogger making good money out of his blog is this guy. He used to work for a small papa and mom eatery with no benefits. Then he got a wake-up call and started investments and at the same time he began to log his pursue into investment saviness. Then he found a new job at a regional restaurant operator as a permanent employee with benefits and got married too. Now his blog generates about $1,200 ad income per MONTH!!!  Which is equivalent to my gross dividend income. I have invested about $283,000 into US stocks and what I get is what he gets from his blog.

This is a wake-up call for me. Just feeling jealousy is wasting time.

They say don’t put all your eggs in a single basket. I may need to think about other sources of income.

Disclosure: Long T


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