My net worth in 2016 April

Hi readers,

How’s your week?

Today I would like to disclose the breakdown of my net worth. It is JPY 72,835,385, which is about 3.6% increase from March. I have kept the exchange rate $1=JPY 100. It can be converted US$728,353.85.  I have no debt other than small credit card debts.
US stocks, the biggest asset in my wealth account for 55%. Second Japanese yen cash that I regard as contingency assets represents 38%.  Japanese stocks and US$ cash are just 5% and 2% respectively.

What I need to do is to save up to $1.1M.  Set aside $100,000 as a contingency fund and generate $80,000 gross dividend income from $1M dividend growth portfolio. I wish I were in my 40’s. My survival is managing my aging – diminishing earning power as an employed worker.

Networth trend May Apr.jpg





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