Reviewing my buys in 2016

I would like to review my buys in 2016 (Japan Standard Time).
As you can see, all but D has a double-digit unrealized return as of today. A half of them are more than 4% YOC. Only one is less than 3% YOC, specifically 2.91%. What tells this record is that you can succeed as long as you buy during selling climax. That’s why recently I haven’t bought any stocks since February 9th. I will continue to be patient This is a recipe for successful investment

Purchase data Ticker Cost per share[$] Unrealized Return[%] YOC [%]
Dec 31 D 67.7  8.6% 4.14%
Jan 12 CMI 86.675  33.0% 4.5%
Jan 21 UNP 69  17.7% 3.19%
Jan 21 BLK 294.2125  21.6% 2.91%
Jan 21 ADM 31.95  16.7% 3.16%
Jan 28 BA 116.77  12.3% 3.73%
Jan 27 CSCO 23.60  18.2% 4.41%
Feb 2 PRU 67.57  12.5% 4.10%
Feb 8 HOG 40.8875  13.6% 3.4%
Feb 9 F 11.3816  13.7% 5.3%

Disclosure: Long all the stocks mentioned


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    1. Vivianne, you made a right decision on investing in a rental house. An expected yield is incredibly good(I am envious) . Now is not a right time to put money in stocks. We should wait for a next selling climax


  1. Hi, DS
    i think you could be a great and patient investor. I also invested in some stocks this winter. but I hesitated to do my max cash because of feeling fear.
    I think now is not nice time to put our money in stocks. I wanna have patient thinking like you.


    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have become patient just recently. I have lost so much money in investments including forex, stocks and so on. Hope that I will be able to keep my patience going forward.



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