Dividend Update – KMB, HYG

Hello readers? How’s your work week? Mine is OK, but I drank four times a week including last night. I am suffering hangover. I really need to reduce both quantity and frequency of drinking.

On April 4th I received a gross dividend of $9.20 from  Kimberly Clark (KMB)  and on April 7th received a gross dividend of $17.07 from iShares iBoxx $ High Yid Corp Bond ETF (HYG) , which pays me a monthly dividend. In addition to HYG, I have three monthly dividend positions including PCEF and O.

  • HYG                          YOC=5.1%  , unrealized return=-12.4%
  • PCEF                         YOC=7.4%, unrealized return = -19%
  • O                                YOC=6.01%, unrealized return = 58.29%

As you can see, HYG is not high yield and I regret betting on it. On the other hand, O turns out a great investment.

With two dividends mentioned above, my gross dividend income this month has amounted to $123.1.

Disclosure: Long KMB, HYG




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