Dividend Summary for March 2016

Hello readers,

It is late night Wednesday in Japan.
How’s your life this week? Mine is OK thus far.

On March 31st I received a gross dividend of $35.13 from Pepsico (PEP). As this is the last dividend from March, I could close my dividend income for March 2016. I made $1,734 gross dividend income in March, which is $120.01 less YOY.  This is nothing compared to the Japanese physician who makes more than $10,000 dividend income in the same month.  I shouldn’t compare my life to his. He has passed an medical exam and he has run his own clinic for more than 20 years. He deserves that high dividend income.

Disclosure: Long PEP


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  1. Thats a great dividend amount, DS. Agreed that you shouldnt compare yourself to the other person who’s been investing for 20+ years. Only compare to your previous self and see if you are getting better 🙂

    Congrats on the dividend income

    Best wishes




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