Dividend Update – MET,O,PRU,IP,MMM,AEP,CVX.XOM

Hello readers,

How’s your work week? I was finally caught a cold and I struggled with cough. Since entering March, the weather went to early summer and came back to winter, so I notice many people have caught a cold. My daytime job is very demanding. I am undertaking a critical work on which my employer’s near future depends. The problem is that I don’t get adequate support.

Anyway, since the last update of my dividend income, I have received the following gross dividends.

  • March 10
    • $56 from American Electric Power (AEP)
    • $82.39 from Chevron (CVX)
    • $36.5 from Exxon Mobile (XOM) at my Japanese brokerage
  • March 14
    • $19.88 from 3M (MMM)
    • $18.76 from MetLife (MET)
  • March 15
    • $33.44 from International Paper (IP)
    • $30.77 from Reality Income (O)
  • March 17
    • $28 from Prudential Financial (PRU)

With these my gross dividend income for this month has amounted to $1,111.22, which is still $742.79 less than the gross dividend income I made a year earlier.





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