Performance review by sector

Hi readers, how’s your Sunday?

It is rainy in Tokyo and I stay at home, but it was a beautiful day yesterday, so I could feel Spring while I was hiking on the coast of the Miura peninsula.

Anyway, in this post, I would like to review the performance of my portfolio in sector.

As of today, my portfolio is worth $286,528.  The YOC is 4.7% and unrealized return is 19%.

Only four sectors are in the red, specifically Energy, Financial, Insurance, and Yield (high yield ETF). Telecom(T and VZ), Tobacco, Pharma, Defense including Aerospace ,REIT and Utilities not only give me 4% or more YOC, but also have double digit unrealized returns. High Tech, Beverage and Mobility (F and HOG) are also contributing.

performance by sector.png

I think I need to increase exposure to consumer staple more. When a next selling climax comes, I will invest in that sector.



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