Recent Sell – COP

Hello readers,

How’s your Monday and Tuesday? Mine are really tough ones and I made a tough decision to make more than $5,000 los. On February 22nd, I closed my position of ConocoPhillips (COP). I sold 200 shares at $34.12 per shore with a commission of $1.15. My realized loss is $6,918.  Even after $1,071.45 gross dividend income, my loss is $5,846.55.  Wow, I am not talented at all as an investor. It is brutal, but let’s move on.


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  1. Bro, I think COP might fall further after the company cut dividends. At that time, I’d buy COP again. It was painful to see the share going from $50s to $80s then selling at a loss, but I think the oil and gas cycle will rebound. The technology for renewable energy isn’t there and the global demand will continue to increase when all companies has cut back on exploration and building new rigs. It might take a few years for the demand to out pace production again, but the stock will bound back faster than what happening with the economy.

    I’ll keep a close watch on the oil and gas for the buy.


      1. You’re right about XOM, they have their own refinery and retail business on top of oil extraction business, if anyone can keep up with dividend, it’s probably XOM.



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