Dividend Update – DOW, TD,VZ,DE

Hello readers,

Although I was shocked about COP’s huge dividend cut yesterday, I am OK now because I am considering putting proceeds that I will get by selling my COP position into greater companies.

For dividend income, on January 29th, I received a gross dividend of $46 from Dow Chemical (DOW). With this dividend, my gross dividend income of Januay 2016 has become $764.01.

On February 2nd, I received the following gross dividends.
– $36 from Toronto-Dominion Bank (DE)
– $51.98 from Verizon (VZ)
– $19.2 from Deere (DE)

With these dividends, my gross dividend income for February 2016 has become $567.67, which is still $532.87 less than the gross dividend income I made in February 2015.

Disclosure: Long DOW, DE, TD, VZ





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